Praxis für Psychotherapie  PP. Dr.  E.L. Haghiri     

Verhaltenstherapie  (Behavioral Therapy)


My Person / Qualification: PP. Dr. (sci.pth.) E.L. Haghiri
- High School / General qualification for university.
- Completed study of clinical psychology.
- Completed study of humanities.
- Completed Doctorate (Doctorate and Approbation since 1999 ).
- 5-year specialist course of the Academy of Behavioral Therapy.
- 3 - year specialist course in clinical hypnosis for doctors, dentists and dentists
- 3 years of professional course in Supervision and Coaching
- Training for relaxation training after Jacobson and
Autogenic training.
- 3 years of professional experience in the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy
- Branch in his own practice for psychotherapy in Düsseldorf since 1995.
- Further training according to § Ärztekammer / Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW.
- Approbation - Entry into the Doctorregister by the state government of Düsseldorf.
- Physician Register: 246920200
- Certificate of approval according to HPG approval since 1995
- Supervision since 1995.
- Member of the Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW (PTK).
- Member of the German Psychotherapists Association (DPTV).
- Member of the German Society for Hypnosis (DGH).
- Admission to psychiatric care as part of the contract
- Psychotherapist by the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung NRW.

Practice for Psychological Psychotherapy

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